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What’s going on in New World: gank squads, sweary wicker baskets, and a war on gold farmers


Oct 15, 2021

Amazon Games’ New World has had a successful launch, the odd hiccup aside, and a few weeks in players are starting to ask the important questions. PC Gamer’s own Fraser Brown wakes up every day praying he can get involved in a war, only to be consistently kicked at the last moment (watching the fallout of this is probably the most fun I’ve had with New World). Sarah James quietly grinds, building her empire and plotting to crush these tiny fools. Over on the hardware desks, Alan Dexter’s about 150 hours in and wondering am I really enjoying this? He is. And meanwhile, on the internet…

Welp, at the most basic level of creativity we have players assembling wicker baskets outside their houses to spell naughty words, to the amusement of all and sundry. As one player wryly notes: “must be an Aussie.”

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