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Make Expression Strategy Guide – Pull a Face With These Hints, Tips and Cheats


Oct 15, 2021

Make Expression is a game about moving the parts of a person’s face and making them pull the perfect expression. It’s not exactly a complex experience, but there are some parts that you might find more challenging than others. And it’s times like those when you’re going to need some support. 

That’s why we’ve written this guide. It’s made up of the strategies that we’ve discovered during our time playing Make Expression, and if you follow these suggestions you’re going to be pulling the right face almost every time you play. 

Pulling your face expression? Face tired from all the smiles and frowns? Somewhere in between? It doesn’t matter where you are in your Make Expression journey, you’re going to find something to take your game to the next level in these hints, tips and cheats.

Tap on the gauge

When you’re moving the parts of the face, you’ll want to push your finger into the middle of the gauge. When you’ve done that, slide your digit up and down and your character’s expression will change. If nothing’s happening, you’ve pressed in the wrong place and you should try again. 

Watch for the green

When the part of the face you’re manipulating is in the right place, the red cross at the top of the gauge will turn into a green tick. That’s when you know it’s time to move onto the next facial feature. When all of the gauges are green, tap on the button at the bottom of the screen to move on to the next challenge. 

Play the special levels

The special levels add an interesting twist to the gameplay. You’re not trying to get a specific facial expression, you need to make one which you think is going to be the most fitting for the situation you’re in. There’s more experimentation and it makes a nice change to do something slightly different. 

What are the costumes for?

The costumes don’t actually change anything in the game, except for the look of the characters you’re manipulating. Most of them, when you’re zoomed in on the faces, don’t even look all that different. If you want to unlock them, then by all means do it, but don’t expect them to make the game more interesting. 

What’s the cash for?

You can spend the cash on unlocking even more exclusive costumes. They’re really expensive, though, and for the most part you’re going to earn the costumes just by playing anyway. In other words, you shouldn’t worry too much about the cash – and definitely don’t waste your time watching videos to get more. 

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