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Dodgers fans go berserk after they clinch NLDS in once-in-a-lifetime rivalry


Oct 15, 2021

Dodgers fans go berserk after they clinch NLDS in wild once-in-a-lifetime rivalry game.

It was the stuff that makes movies. Two of the teams with the biggest rivalries in all of baseball went head-to-head on Thursday night in the NLDS. The series was tied with the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers each winning two each.

Longtime Dodgers icon, Vin Scully detailed the importance of the game shortly before it began.

“To my knowledge, tonight’s game between the Dodgers and Giants is the most important game in the history of their rivalry. With nearly identical records, and so much at stake, I believe this to be the case”

He was right and the fans reacted as such.

The game was tied 1-1 though most of the game until the Dodgers scored a run in the ninth inning and then stopped the Giants with Max Scherzer at the plate.

See how Dodgers fans reacted on MLB Twitter

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