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WarioWare’s fast-paced microgames meet horror film tropes in Spookware


Aug 30, 2021

WarioWare’s style of fast-paced microgames have never really made their way to PC, but developers Beeswax games decided to change that with Spookware, a collection of bizarre horror-themed microgames. Andy K previously checked out Spookware when it was on itch.io, but since then Beeswax has developed their parade of horror vignettes into a fully-fledged game, a whole story and characters to accompany its minigame shenanigans.

The game kicks off with a trio of skeletons watching TV as you play through an introductory string of rapid-fire minigames on its screen. The goal is to successfully clear nine vignettes, which includes the likes of cutting someone’s head off with a rusty saw and using a shovel to dig a corpse out of the ground—all before the stick of dynamite at the bottom of the screen explodes.

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