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Destiny Run Strategy Guide – Become an Angel With These Devilishly Good Hints, Tips and Cheats


Aug 30, 2021

Destiny Run is a game about choosing your side in the ever-lasting battle between good and evil. It’s also an auto-runner where you have to pick up things like tomes and books of spells to reinforce your goodness or badness. It’s a simple enough idea, but it isn’t without its challenges.

And those challenges are the reason we’ve written this guide. We’ve played a decent amount of the game and discovered what we think are the hints, tips and tricks you’re going to need to take your game to the next level. 

Whether you’re playing as an angel or a demon, if you follow these strategies you’re going to see your points score rocketing. After all, these are the best hints, tips and cheats for Destiny Run. 

Stick to your side

When you’ve picked whether you’re going to be an angel or a devil at the start of a level, make sure you stick to your choice. Look for the objects that are going to increase your score, and focus on picking those up. You can’t change once you’ve chosen, so don’t try and swap sides in the middle of a run.

Avoid picking up the wrong things

By the same token you’re going to have to make sure you avoid picking up the wrong things. It’s usually pretty obvious what you need to avoid, but a good rule of thumb is – red for devils, green for angels. Keep your eyes open and you should do just fine.

Get as many tokens as you can

After you’ve passed through the gates, make sure you grab as many tokens as you can. These are going to be your final score, and they’ll get multiplied depending on where you land after your flight. Swipe left and right in quick succession as you go up the ramp to get as many as you can.

Keep your finger held down in flight

If you lift up your finger you’ll start to descend and you won’t get as far as you can. You can’t overshoot anything, so it’s best to keep your finger pressed down. If you’ve played right and got wings and helpers, you should always be able to get to the end of the multipliers and get the best score.

How do you get new costumes?

You’ll unlock new costumes as you play, filling up a percentage bar the more levels you finish. Once you’ve filled up that bar, you’ll be able to watch a video to get the new costumes. There doesn’t seem to be any other way to get new threads in the game at the moment, so just focus on playing. 

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