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3 options for Mets to replace Javy Baez in free agency or trade


Aug 30, 2021

Javy Baez is probably only going to be in New York Mets uniform for the rest of the season.

Things are not going splendidly these days with Javy Baez and the Thumbs Down New York Mets.

Baez was the marquee addition the Mets made at last month’s trade deadline. While New York had been in control of the awful NL East for most of the season, the Atlanta Braves have since caught fire and the Philadelphia Phillies have played better, too. All the while, Baez is showing his appreciation for the Flushing Faithful with one ill-spirited gesture at a time. This is unbelievable.

So if the Mets are kicking Baez to the curb at season’s end, who could be the guy to replace him?

Mets Thumbs Down: Who replaces Javy Baez in the New York infield next year?


Carlos Correa

SS Houston Astros

Carlos Correa is no stranger to wearing the black hat for the Houston Astros

For the Mets to keep pace with the Braves next year, they cannot come up short in free agency. Fortunately for them, there are plenty of middle infielders who will be available, including Carlos Correa of the Houston Astros. The two-time AL All-Star won a World Series for the most hated team in baseball four years ago, so he has no problem wearing the black hat on the big stage.


Trevor Story

SS Colorado Rockies

Trevor Story may want to play on a bigger stage for more money in The Big Apple

As with Correa, Trevor Story of the Colorado Rockies is clearly a shortstop in the big leagues. So the Mets will have to figure out how to put him in the same infield with Francisco Lindor. Though he has played anonymous baseball in Denver for years, coming over to the Mets could be huge for the two-time NL All-Star’s brand. Plus, he is poised to be paid the big bucks during his free agency.


Kris Bryant

3B San Francisco Giants

The Mets should have traded for Kris Bryant instead of Javy Baez last month

Let’s be real. The Mets goofed up terribly here. The player they should have traded for over Baez was his former Chicago Cubs teammate Kris Bryant. He was playing at an MVP level on the North Side before being dealt to the San Francisco Giants. While Bryant will be a free agent this winter, what happens if San Francisco wins the World Series this fall? He may stay out on the West Coast.

If the Mets plan to let Baez walk in his free agency, they need to get a replacement of this caliber.

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