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14 new things we learned about Elden Ring today


Aug 29, 2021

A bunch of Elden Ring previews landed today following a 15 minute hands-off gameplay demo. We didn’t get to see it ourselves, but the previews certainly confirm one thing: this is Dark Souls 4 in all but name. While it’s clearly on a scale beyond any FromSoftware game before it, the many, many recurring elements in Elden Ring are pure Dark Souls.

Elden Ring is releasing on PC and consoles simultaneously on January 20, 2022. We don’t know any PC specifics yet, like system requirements or what sorts of graphical features to expect (144 Hz plz), but we do know it’s releasing on Steam, and past evidence indicates it should be a good port. Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro lack some of the finer features we hope for like high framerates and ultrawide, but they’re a vast improvement over the dark days of the original Dark Souls.

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