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Xiaomi is bringing MIUI 12.5 Enhanced to these nine Mi 11 and Mi 10 models globally


Aug 28, 2021

Xiaomi began rolling out MIUI 12.5 Enhanced to select devices in China on August 13 and the plan was to complete the first batch today. Today something else is happening too – the company announced that the Enhanced version of its Android skin will be made available globally.

The following devices will be updated in the final quarter of the year (October-December):

Xiaomi Mi 11 • Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra • Xiaomi Mi 11i

Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro • Xiaomi Mi 11X • Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G

Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G • Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G • Xiaomi Mi 10 5G

Note that the list of Chinese models that will be updated is longer and some of them have corresponding global models not on the list above, so we may see Xiaomi expand MIUI 12.5 Enhanced to more phones.

As the name suggests, this is an enhanced version of the MIUI 12.5 that was unveiled in December. There are hundreds of fixes and tweaks, but the key words are optimization and longevity.

“Atomic Memory” optimizes RAM usage to allow the phone to keep more apps in the background. Another optimization dropped CPU usage by up to 15% and reduced power usage by up to 8% in some scenarios.

“Liquid Storage” will keep the internal memory in optimum condition, which will slow down its aging – according to Xiaomi, the rear/write performance will degrade only 5% after 36 months of usage.

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