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Tails Of Iron drops new Gamescom trailer


Aug 28, 2021

A new trailer has landed for Tails Of Iron, preparing players for the brutal war which breaks out between the Rat Kingdom and the Frog Clan when Tails of Iron launches on September 17th. Tails of Iron is an adventure RPG about young prince Redgi, heir to the Rat Throne. The Rat Kingdom is in turmoil after an invasion from the Frog Clan, and it’s up to Redgi to reclaim and rebuild his domain. The trailer above gives us a look at some of the bosses we’ll be facing, including the “lightning-spewing” Ratnor Rodentson and Bloki Magu, who feasts on rat flesh.If you were watching the trailer and thinking that narrator sounded familiar — it’s The Witcher’s Doug Cockle, which just makes Tails of Iron look even more awesome. And if that trailer has you curious for more Tails of Iron details, check out our Tails of Iron hands-on preview to see what we thought after some time with a preview build of the game! Tails of Iron launches on September 17th for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

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