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Nobody Saves the World now set to launch for Xbox Game Pass in early 2022


Aug 28, 2021

Drinkbox Studios announced that action RPG Nobody Saves the World is now set to arrive in early 2022, when it will join Xbox Game Pass at launch. The devs also confirmed that Nobody Saves the World will feature online co-op. In Nobody Saves the World, you wake up as a “pale androgynous humanoid,” the devs say, before finding a wand which lets you change your form. You can also mix and match the abilities of each form, and unlock better ones by completing quests. You’ll be clearing dungeons with these forms in an attempt to “beat back the calamity and save the world.” “Co-op works just like the main game, except you’re playing with a buddy. That means both of you can complete quests to level up, battle through unique dungeons, and mix-and-match abilities from different Forms,” says Daniel Korn, senior tester and assistant producer for Nobody Saves the World. “But since players can be separate forms, each with their own customizations, there’s a whole second layer of synergies that gets unlocked in multiplayer.” Korn also confirmed that Nobody Saves the World will be cross-play compatible across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10.Nobody Saves the World will arrive in early 2022, joining Xbox Game Pass at launch.

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