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A sports documentary parody about League of Legends players is in the works


Aug 28, 2021

A new mockumentary series called Players will follow the travails of a fictional League of Legends team as it struggles to claim its first world championship after years of failure. There isn’t much in the way of detail at this point, but a Variety report says the series will focus on an unlikely pair of players—a 17-year-old phenom and a 27-year-old veteran—who must put aside their differences, and egos, and work together to bring home the gold.

Mockumentaries are like documentaries, except that their subject material is mostly or entirely fictional. One popular recent example is the American Vandal series on Netflix, a parody of true-crime documentaries about a guy who draws dicks on cars. In fact, the creators of that series—Tony Yacenda and Dan Perrault—are also behind Players, and will serve as executive producers.

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