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Kyrie Irving becomes an official member of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe


Aug 27, 2021

Kyrie Irving has been on a hunt to become one with his heritage. On Thursday, he became a full member of the Native Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Brooklyn Nets guard, Kyrie Irving, has been very in tune with his heritage. Irving, who’s from New Jersey, was primarily raised by his father, but he has been learning more about his mother’s side over the past few years. His mother, Elizabeth, who passed away when he was four, was a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Though she wasn’t in his life long, she was able to leave a lasting impression on her son. From burning sage around TD Garden before game time, to his recent visit to Native American High Schools in South Dakota, he’s made an effort to grow close to his familial culture.

So it makes it sweeter that he’s been able to connect to his heritage fully after doing the work for so long.

Kyrie Irving becomes an official member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, KYFR reports

After decades of growing close with the Sioux Nation, Irving was fully accepted as an official member on Thursday. KYFR first broke the news, stating that Irving traveled to the Dakota/Lakota Tribal Headquarters seeking membership. The tribe accepted his membership, making it official after his first visit just three years ago.

Irving is known to be in tune with his off-court activities. This is definitely something that will be a great connection between Native tribes and the NBA to further strengthen the bond. Plus, it might make for an energized season with the good vibes flowing on his end.

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