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Hell Let Loose Xbox list shows 40 achievements


Aug 27, 2021

We have just picked up the Hell Let Loose achievement list.There are 40 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.Name Description GamerscoreNo “I” in Team Place your first OP/Garrison 10Warfare Master Win 25 Warfare battles 100Offensive Victory Win 25 Offensive battles 100Welcome to Hell Kill your first enemy 10Lifegiver Revive a friendly player 10I’ll Be Right There Revive 10 friendly players in one match 30Take Cover Get 100 kills with Artillery in total 30Bad Nade! Bad Nade! Teamkill yourself with your own grenade 5Und das Heißt… Win a match as Axis 20Over theeeeeere! Win a match as Allies 20A Hedge Too Far Play 5 matches on Sainte-Marie-du-Mont 10A Very Cold Christmas Play 5 matches on Foy 10Siegfried’s Friend Play 5 matches on Hürtgen 10Hanging From The Tower Play 5 matches on Sainte-Mère-Église 10A Lovely Day At The Beach Play 5 matches on Utah Beach 10Clear Those Murder Holes! Play 5 matches on Omaha Beach 10Down Memory Lane Play 5 matches on Purple Heart Lane 10As Old as the Hills Play 5 matches on Hill 400 10Can’t Touch This Kill 5 players without dying 10We May Have Lost The Battle… Lose a match 5Stayin’ Alive! Be the last player alive in your squad 25I Got Your Ammo! Drop 100 Ammo boxes 20Excellent Choice Sir! Drop 5000 Supplies in total 30Like Stealing Candy from a Baby Capture 100 Sectors 30Can I Get Another Tiger? Build 100 Fuel Nodes in total 15Labor With Love! Build 100 Manpower Nodes in total 15Time For A Bombing Run Build 100 Munition Nodes in total 15A Piece of Perfection Build 20 buildable objects in one match 30Filthy Camper Kill 10 players without dying 30Ding! Kill 100 players with headshots 30Scrap Metal Destroy a vehicle 10Tank Ace Destroy 100 vehicles 50Death From Below Destroy a vehicle with an AT mine 15Death From Above Destroy a vehicle with the Artillery 15The Red Ball Express Drop 250 Supply Boxes from a Supply Truck 30Private Reach Career Level 10 10Private First Class Reach Career Level 20 20Corporal Reach Career Level 30 30Sergeant Reach Career Level 40 50Staff Sergeant Reach Career Level 50 100Hell Let Loose is developed by Black Matter Party and published by Team17 Software.

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