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Reuters: the Pixel 6 duo will come with a Samsung mmWave 5G modem


Aug 26, 2021

While Exynos modems are in wide use around the world thanks to Galaxy phones of all shapes and sizes, they have been absent from the US for half a decade. This may change with the upcoming Pixel 6 series.

Google is reluctant to confirm it, but the custom Tensor chipset is reportedly based on an Exynos design. Now Reuters reports that Samsung will also be providing the 5G modem as well, citing two sources.

The interesting part is that the modem will support mmWave 5G, which is trickier to get working – so far Qualcomm was seen as having the lead in this area. There are currently only three companies making 5G modems: Qualcomm, Samsung and MediaTek (well, there was Huawei too, but that is on hold).

While the Pixel 6 series may not sell in great numbers, it will be a demonstration to other smartphone vendors of what Samsung modems are capable of. All mmWave-capable smartphones sold in the US so far (including Pixels, iPhones, Galaxys and other) have been equipped a Qualcomm modem.


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