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ISLANDERS Console Edition Xbox achievements have been revealed


Aug 26, 2021

We have just picked up the ISLANDERS: Console Edition achievement list.There are 26 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.Name Description GamerscoreNewcomer Finish your first game 10Settlement Reach the 2nd island 15Colony Reach the 3rd island 30Empire Reach the 4th island 45Advanced Score 500 points in one match 15Professional Score 1,500 points in one match 30Expert Score 3000 points in one match 90Nice Spot Earn 25 points from one building 15Brilliant Position Earn 50 points from one building 30Perfectly Placed Earn 75 points from one building 90Mayor Earn 2000 points 15King Earn 10,000 points 30Emperor Earn 20,000 points 90Builder Build 100 buildings 15Constructor Build 500 Buildings 30Architect Build 1000 buildings 30Traveler Explore 10 islands 15Adventurer Explore 20 islands 30Explorer Explore 30 islands 90Wealthy Have at least 12 buildings in your inventory at once 15Sprinter Reach the second island within 2 minutes and 30 seconds 90Athlete Reach the third island within 7 minutes 90Puzzle Solver Have exactly 100 points after placing a building 30Investor Lose a total of at least 100 points in one match 15Slow Burn Reach a score of 1000 without ever having more than 6 buildings in your inventory 30Islander Reach a score of 800 on the first island 15ISLANDERS: Console Edition is the critically acclaimed minimalist strategy game about building cities on colorful islands.ISLANDERS: Console Edition is developed by GrizzlyGames and published by Coatsink, and was released yesterday.

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