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eFootball, the live-service PES 2022 replacement, gets new gameplay trailer


Aug 26, 2021

Konami has released a gameplay trailer for eFootball, the new live-service age of the Pro Evo series. The trailer focuses on touch control, beating a defender, and physical battles and tackling.A rogue jazz score plays to the opening message that tells you to “forget everything you knew about digital football, for we reworked the gameplay.” The first of these changes is “Controlling Ball Touch,” which you will need to remember. This supposedly gives you control over whether the player kicks the ball hard, soft, or in between and exactly how fast your player is running, thus allowing you to beat players without skill. “Tricking the Defender” will allow the attacker to trap the ball with more fluency, with additional body feint and dribbling styles added into the game. This is supposed to be a part of an intuitive control scheme, so we will have to wait and see how new the ball touch and tricking work in conjunction when playing.On the defensive end, you can now more easily block and intercept passes, and physical battles will use the weight and heft to brush attackers off the ball. Sharp Kicks put a backspin on a lofted ball, allowing it to drop vertically out of the air. This means they can be easily controlled, but also easily contested as the ball slows in the air. Interestingly, this shot, pass, and the cross modifier will be added after launch, making us curious about the implementation of wholesale gameplay changes in the future, but also the potential for a drab few opening weeks. There is a focus on 1v1 duels, with the dev team having tracked bodies and consulted professionals on these moments in games. A major part of this is a revision of the foul system, though we are yet to see exactly how it has been changed. An exciting part of the trailer was the increased variation in playstyles and new controls. Tactics have always been a huge distinction between PES and FIFA, so it is great to see further improvements to off the ball AI, extra control methods, and a little extra customisability. The duel camera that zooms in on 1v1 battles sounds cool in theory, but the dev team need to manage its implementation. Zooming in and out constantly could be a real hindrance to players. General improvements include motion matching for animation fluidity, ball movement alterations, and seamless restarts from stopped play. The trailer ends by reiterating that this will be live service, so there will be room for constant changes and tweaks!You can read more about the game and see the roadmap on Konami’s website. Has this trailer intrigued you? Are you certain which footballing game is for you this year? Vamos to the comments and tell us what you think!

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