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City Trials Review – Thrashing Through the Future


Aug 26, 2021

32 Secs: City Trials walks, or rather rides, the neon line between an auto-runner and a racer. You’re pelting down futuristic highways on a motorbike, weaving through traffic and trying to complete challenges. It’s fun, it’s well balanced, and it’s a decent way to waste a few minutes here and there.

The controls are slightly more involved than you might expect from an endless rider, though. You’ve got gears to switch through, a nitro button to give you a boost when you need it, and you’re not locked to lanes either. It’s not quite a racer, since you’ve got no control over your acceleration, but there’s still a decent amount of meat on the game’s bones. 

Different levels offer different challenges that you need to complete, from simply reaching a certain distance to hitting a set number of speed boosts. You can spend the coins you earn on upgrading your bike, making it faster and improving the steering to make it easier to reach your goals. 

The game doesn’t do a great job of explaining everything, sometimes leaving you to figure things out on your own. That’s not exactly a bad thing, but since you’re going to be jumping in for short sessions, there’s a chance you’ll spend those few minutes feeling a little perplexed, which isn’t ideal. 

32 Secs: City Trials certainly looks the part, with weird vehicles to pass, shiny roads to race over, and police drones dogging you if you do something wrong. Sure, it’s all pretty generic, but it’s well put together. The action is reasonably fast and pretty furious, too. 

This might not be the most original game in the world, but it gives you more to do than a lot of other games of its ilk. It’s unlikely that you’ll remember it when you’ve got bored, but for the time you’re playing you’ll be enjoying some sweaty-palmed entertainment, and that’s not too shabby.

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