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Boyfriend Dungeon patch fixes three achievements, completion now possible


Aug 26, 2021

Boyfriend Dungeon smooth-talked its way onto Xbox Game Pass a few weeks ago but frustratingly, several achievements were not unlocking correctly. A fix is now live, however, making the completion possible. Dungeon crawler/dating game hybrid Boyfriend Dungeon is a short-but-sweet adventure in which you date the very weapons you use to hack and slash your way through dungeons. While it proved to be a decent laugh, the game stood us up with three busted achievements, all the result of tracking issues that saw progress inexplicably blocked at a certain point. All three are now working, and should unlock retroactively when you load your save if you’ve already rounded up every gift, hat, and outfit in the game.If they don’t pop automatically, you might want to check the individual achievement solutions here on TA to find full lists of these items and work out what you may be missing. So long as you’ve maxed out all relationships, crafted every recipe, and cleaned out every store, you should be more or less good for all three. If you’ve been holding off for a fix before starting Boyfriend Dungeon, though, it looks like you’ll now be safe to hit the Dunj and get to know your gear a bit better in this goofy genre fusion.Will you be returning to the wacky world of Boyfriend Dungeon to finally put it to bed now that the achievements are fixed? Let us know!

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