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Action RPG Stray Blade Announced for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC


Aug 26, 2021

Developer Point Blank and publisher 505 Games have announced a new action role-playing game, Stray Blade, for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. It’ll launch sometime in 2022.Stray Blade will task players with exploring the ruins of an ancient civilization that houses deadly secrets and foes. With the help of a companion named Boji, they must fight for peace and freedom.Check out a trailer below.Key features include:The Untold Story – Embark on an unforgettable journey and discover the story of Acrea and its ancient legacy. Discover the whole history that turned the peaceful valley into a place of war and death. Use this knowledge to destroy the relics of the past and restore peace in the war-torn valley.Changing World – Change is part of your journey where every victory leaves a mark in the world. Time keeps moving forward even if you die. Revisit the places of former victory and experience the changes you brought to the world. But beware! Your actions will lead to even greater challenges.Full Combat Control _ The hyper-responsive combat system allows quick reactions and precise attacks to fully control the flow of battle. It merges strategic anticipation of enemy attacks with split-second blade-to-blade reactions — the High Noon of melee weapon combat.Epic Boss Fights – Encounter the God-Kings that ruined the land in the past. Bring their legacy to fall and free the land from the shadows of the old era. Harvest their powers and use them to unravel the mysteries of Acrea. New domains are waiting to be unlocked.Progression – Both the adventurer and Boji have individual talent trees. The Adventurer is a fighter who gains experience through battle, whereas Boji is a craftsman who increases his experience by finding pieces of ancient lore.Explore the Lost Valley – Acrea’s colorful world ranges from overgrown city ruins to frozen caves and winding canyons. Together with your companion, explore the deepest corners of an ever-changing world bristling with adventure. Every discovery holds treasures. Find rare materials, recipes, weapons, lore pieces, and beautiful places.We’ll update our readers when a release date is announced.

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