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Death Stranding Director’s Cut New Features Revealed in New Gameplay


Aug 25, 2021

When Death Stranding Director’s Cut arrives on PlayStation 5 next month, it will come with a variety of new features and enhancements not found in the original PS4 game. Today’s gamescom Opening Night Live show concluded with a nearly nine-minute gameplay preview that showcased some of those features that will be added.Protagonist Sam Bridges is a delivery man by trade and there will be a number of features to make it easier and safer for him to complete those deliveries across the treacherous landscape. These include evolved stabilizers with thrusters that can reduce the impact taken when landing from substantial heights. Alternatively you can take the weight off his feet completely and make use of the buddy bot’s increased capabilities—he can now carry Sam and an increased amount of cargo. Finally, there’s a cargo catapult that removes the need to travel at all, instead launching cargo over large distances.Death Stranding Director’s Cut will also have new missions taking place in a mysterious facility. This facility has a firing range in its basement where players can practice their weapon handling and try out new weapons like the Maser Gun, which inflicts sustained stun damage on enemies. Practicing will level up Sam’s delivery skillset. Alternatively you can compete for the highest score on the online leaderboard. An online ranking system has also been introduced for boss battles, which can now be replayed as many times as players wish.Leisure time hasn’t been ignored either. There are eight new tracks on the music player in Sam’s private room. Throughout the world there are also jump ramps strategically placed near valleys and crevices. Not only will this allow players to get from one side to the other more easily, there’s the opportunity to show off with tricks too. Finally, there’s a brand new race track.And of course, being from Kojima, the end of the trailer has something of an interesting, if not mysterious teaser.New content already revealed for the Director’s Cut includes a very hard mode and all of the expected PS5 enhancements like haptic feedback, adaptive trigger functionality, 3D audio, faster loading times and two picture modes.Death Stranding Director’s Cut launches exclusively on PS5 on September 24. Those who already own the game on PS4 can upgrade to Director’s Cut for just $10.

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