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Xiaomi Mix 4 torn down on video – Game Up News
  • Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Xiaomi Mix 4 torn down on video


Aug 11, 2021

Just one day after Xiaomi pulled the wraps off the Mix 4, the phone has been fully disassembled on video. The teardown was performed by popular tech blogger Robin and posted over at Weibo.

The phone’s body is made up of ceramic and uses a thin metal frame between the body and the display to allow for radio signals to pass through.

The phone is made up of three sections: the upper section contains the SoC, memory, camera sensors, 5G antennas, and most of the logic boards. The mid-section contains the battery, NFC antenna, wireless charging coil, and dual cell battery. Finally, the lower section consists of the loudspeaker, USB-C port, and vibration motor, all of which are joined by the daughterboard.

The under-display camera hole can be seen when held against strong light. There are two visible openings, the centered round one is obviously where the selfie camera is placed, and the special pattern of the pixels is what allows light to pass through. The other square cutout doesn’t allow as much light to pass through, but not as much is needed as this is intended for the proximity and ambient light sensors.

The phone contains several heat dissipation sheets, copper foil, and the SoC is covered with thermal paste. Seek Device noted that the Mix 4 managed thermals well with average body temperatures below 40-degrees Celsius after an hour of playing certain games.

Aside from the under-display camera, the phone’s overall design isn’t completely out of the ordinary. The Mix 4 does maximize the phone’s surface, which uses the under-display camera for a full edge-to-edge display that was Xiaomi’s goal to achieve ever since the first Mi Mix phone was developed.

Check the Source link to watch the full teardown video on Weibo TV.

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