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Samsung Galaxy Buds2 bring ANC in a lightweight body – Game Up News
  • Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 bring ANC in a lightweight body


Aug 11, 2021

Alongside its new foldable flagships Samsung announced the Galaxy Buds2 – its lightest TWS earphones to date. They bring a new design and active noise cancellation enabled by the three microphones per bud.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 arrive with a dynamic two-way speaker. It is split into a woofer and a tweeter, promising clear high notes and deep atmospheric lows. Samsung trimmed the weight to 5.0 grams per bud, with the case adding just 41.2 grams more to the total weight.

The trio of microphones, placed in each bud, is responsible for the active noise cancellation when listening to musing as well as providing “impressive call quality”. A dedicated Voice pickup unit (VPU) helps filter in only your voice to the other party and not external noises.

The Active Noise Cancellation can block up to 98% of noise, Samsung claims. The company also worked on the Ambient Modes for those cases when you actually want to hear what’s going on around you. The earphones come with machine learning-based solutions and adapt to external sounds like cars, wind, emergency vehicles.

Samsung will provide a Galaxy Wearable app for PC users, which will enable them to set noise control and the equalizer on the Galaxy Buds2. The buds will also have an Auto Switch solution which will allow seamless switch between different Galaxy devices – phones, tablets and notebooks.

You also get the Galaxy Wearable fit test as part of the companion app, which helps you pick the right size rubber tips for optimal sound experience.

The Buds2’s case looks very similar to the one of the Buds Pro and it has the same battery capacity too – 472 mAh (each bud has a 61 mAh battery). The case is always white, but the Galaxy Buds2 actually come in four colors – Graphite, White, Oliver Green, and Lavender.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 will arrive in Europe on August 27 for €149/£139.

Samsung will also offer a range of “playful third-party cases” with designs from The Simpsons, Star Wars, and even a case imitating the new Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphone.

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