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Sample gallery: Nikon Z fc: Digital Photography Review – Game Up News
  • Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Sample gallery: Nikon Z fc: Digital Photography Review


Aug 11, 2021

Published Aug 11, 2021

dpreview staff

We recently got our hands on a final production Nikon Z fc, and we wasted no time taking the retro-styled camera out and about around the Seattle area. Given that it uses the sensor from the Z50, we expected solid image quality, and the Z fc delivers.
The collapsable 16-50mm F3.5-6.3 lens isn’t fast, but it’s decently sharp, and only adds about $140 to the price of the body-only kit.
We’re still waiting for Raw support for Z fc files in Adobe Camera Raw, so many images in this gallery were processed from .NEF files in-camera. Once ACR support is available, we’ll update this gallery.
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We’re conducting an ad hoc AMA over on Reddit, trying to address any questions about the Nikon Z fc and its operation. Come along if there’s something you want to know.Nikon’s newest Z-mount lens, the NIKKOR Z 28mm F2.8 Special Edition, is a retro-styled and impressively affordable full-frame lens. Take a closer look in our hands-on tour.We’ve been shooting with Nikon’s stylishly retro Z fc for the past few days, so let’s dig in to see what this 20MP APS-C Z-mount camera offers.In this hands-on preview, Chris and Jordan compare the new Nikon Z fc to the classic Nikon film SLRs that inspired it.We battled our way through the 100°F heat over the weekend to bring you photos shot with a pre-production Nikon Z fc and both of its kit lenses.

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