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Unity to acquire remote desktop tool maker Parsec for $320 million – Game Up News
  • Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Unity to acquire remote desktop tool maker Parsec for $320 million


Aug 10, 2021

Unity has entered into an agreement to acquire Parsec, the company behind the game-centric remote desktop app of the same name, for a grand total of $320 million in cash.

The acquisition is expected to close in Q3 of this year, and Unity notes in a press release that the deal helps move both companies closer to their “expanded cloud vision” where creators aren’t restricted by location or the hardware they have on hand.

Elsewhere in the announcement, Unity notes that the deal, and Parsec’s particular audience, offers it an opportunity to “drive shared momentum with [Parsec’s] customers through targeted cross-selling and bundled solutions”.

As lightly mentioned above, Parsec is a provider of remote desktop and streaming technology that keeps a particular focus on video games and creators working in spaces like game development. Its technology allows game developers and other creators to remotely connect to their office hardware with low latency and ultra-high-definition desktop streaming, and help overcome that particular complication of remote working.

With the workplace becoming more flexible, teams expanding and collaborating across multiple locations and creators leveraging a myriad of new devices, it’s clear that the creative process will evolve from on-premise devices to flexible and cost-effective cloud architectures,” reads a statement from Marc Whitten, SVP and GM of create solutions at Unity.

“Parsec has addressed the unique requirements to support this type of high-performance processing no matter where creators are, showcasing technology that is both highly innovative and prescient. We believe Parsec is a rocketship and we’re very excited to support their future growth.”

This latest acquisition follows closely on the heels of Unity’s July acquisition of SpeedTree.

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