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Twitter officially a better place after suspending Aubrey Huff’s account – Game Up News
  • Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Twitter officially a better place after suspending Aubrey Huff’s account


Aug 10, 2021

Former San Francisco Giant Aubrey Huff has gone the way of the Dodo … his antics have finally gotten him exonerated off of Twitter. 

Aubrey Huff, a 15-year MLB veteran, has quite a way with words — so much so that people have caught wind of them on Twitter many times in the past. But his commentary will taint the canals of the bird app no longer, as he’s been suspended from the platform indefinitely.

For those who may not be familiar with Huff, he’s very … opinionated. One jarring take is this one about the San Francisco Giants‘ promotion of Alyssa Nakken as a full-time coach. He tweeted:

“I got in trouble for wearing a thong in my own clubhouse when female reporters were present. Can’t imagine how it will play out with a full-time female coach running around. This has #metoo & #BelieveAllWomen written all over it. Only in ⁦@SFGiants.”

Aubrey Huff has lost access to his Twitter due what seems to be a snowball effect of abysmal takes

There’s a metric ton of tweets just like this one that could have you wondering why and how he was able to seep through the cracks. Freedom of speech is usually the argument in topics like this, but it doesn’t protect you from freedom of consequence.

It didn’t stop the Giants from keeping him from the 10-year anniversary celebration of the World Series. It’s counterintuitive to an organization to allow things like that when diversity, equality, inclusion and more exist to prevent the exact things Huff talks about.

Plus it’s cringe. No one wants to see Huff in a thong.

Twitter had a field day enjoying his online demise:

While we may never know what straw broke the figurative camel’s social media shaped back, at least we can (as a majority) let out a sigh of relief knowing that he’s off the platform.

Oh wait… what’s that? He just blamed Karens for his suspension on Instagram?


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