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Save up to $50 on these Flexispot standing desks – Game Up News
  • Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Save up to $50 on these Flexispot standing desks


Aug 10, 2021

Save up to $50 on these Flexispot standing desks

A good gaming desk is usually one of the last things you think about when crafting your ideal setup, but make the wrong choice and you’ll be in for an uncomfortable gaming session. Ergonomics aren’t just about positioning the best gaming monitor correctly and getting the right gaming chair, as adjustable standing desks show we can do more to support our spines as we spend hours at a time on our PCs.

Fortunately, Flexispot has a couple of coupons that can save you up to $50 on its standing desks. There are plenty of dimensions to choose from, starting at 48 inches wide and 24 inches deep. You’ll be able to fine tune the height of your surface up to 49.2 inches at the click of a button regardless of what size you select, however.

The Esben UD4 and the Kana Pro Bamboo standing desks are included in the offer and opt for an understated look rather than a gaming one with sleek light wood surfaces.

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