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Gerrit Cole’s wife calls out J.D. Martinez for fake All-Star Game story


Jul 20, 2021

Gerrit Cole’s wife Amy has come out and said that J.D. Martinez was lying when he said that the pitcher ignored Boston players on the American League bus. 

Gerrit Cole continues to make headlines this season. First it was for his struggles on the bump, but he’s certainly bounced back and is looking strong of late. Then, there was of course his comments on the banned substances for pitchers. Then at the All-Star Game, apparently he was rude to Red Sox players.

That’s what J.D. Martinez had to say, as it came out that the slugger had told others that the Yankees hurler ignored Boston players when they said hello to him on the team bus. Out of nowhere, though, Cole’s wife Amy has taken to Twitter to clear up the air.

Yankees hurler Gerrit Cole and J.D. Martinez won’t be exchanging Christmas cards any time soon

As you can see in the tweets above, Cole’s wife called out Martinez and said that he made the whole thing up. So, Cole beefing with the Red Sox players on the bus is fake news? That looks to be the case.

With that said, it’s no secret that Red Sox and Yankees players don’t really love each other. This is one of the biggest and best rivalries in the game, though the Yankees-Astros one sure feels like it’s growing by the day.

Regardless of that, this latest chapter in the Boston-New York hate sure isn’t one that anyone expected. Leave it to Mrs. Cole to come to her husband’s defense and also make Martinez look bad in the process. We’ll see if he ends up responding or just leaving things as they are. If Martinez does, Cole’s wife probably won’t hesitate in dropping another head-turning tweet.

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