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Fortnite Patch Notes v17.20 — Preferred Item Slots, Bugha’s Late Game, Live Event Countdown & More


Jul 20, 2021

ESTNN breaks down Fortnite patch v17.20.

It feels like an eternity since the last Fortnite update, which occurred a month ago. Since patch v17.10, Epic has kept a low profile. Significant in its own right, the developers granted access to the Alien Mothership in the last update. Players expected another great patch in the lead-up to patch v17.20. Epic did tease some tidbits of information beforehand, particularly with a new in-game feature, but everything else remained a mystery.

After an extended downtime, Fortnite’s servers came back online. Epic Games once again delivered with some intriguing new content to keep the game fresh in Chapter 2 – Season 7, and we have some leaks to look forward to as well.

Preferred Item Slots

Epic announced the release of a long-awaited feature in Fortnite last week, and it’s finally here. Players can now assign specific items and weapons to their inventory using Preferred Item Slots. This mechanic should minimize manual item movements and make for a much more enjoyable experience.

You can find this setting in the General tab. Here is a snippet from Epic’s blog post regarding patch v17.20:

“The default active configuration for Item Slots 1-5 is 1) Assault Rifle | 2) Shotgun | 3) Unassigned | 4) Unassigned | 5) Consumable, but you can retool this to fit your play style. Want Snipers in Slot 3? Hit the “Configure” button and toggle the slot to your preferred weapon type. The next time you loot a Sniper-type item, it’ll be assigned to your third inventory space and hotkey.”

Bugha’s Late Game Mode

Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf's ICON Series skin holds a trophy next to the words "Bugha's Late Game" with event info below.

Fortnite World Cup Champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf revealed his ICON Series skin yesterday and warm and welcoming community response. On top of this career-defining moment, Bugha announced a new competitive game mode in Fortnite that he helped Epic Games design. Dubbed Bugha’s Late Game, players will drop directly into a competitive end game scenario with their trio teammates and set inventories. Patch v17.20 marked the debut for this game mode as players prepare for the upcoming $100K Bugha’s Late Game Tournament.

Reactive Wrap Skins

Leakers unveiled many upcoming cosmetics in Season 7, but none are more interesting than reactive wrap skins. These allow players to select a color and wrap of their choice as the primary appearance. Whichever wraps you have unlocked can now become an outfit for your character.

Leaked Grab-Itron Weapon

A new Grab-Itron weapon will likely join Fortnite Season 7 soon. Like Flying Saucers, the Grab-Itron holds objects in its gravitational pull and throws them when ready. The video above from HYPEX showcases this unreleased weapon. There’s no anticipated release date at this time.

Live Event Countdown

It’s been a while since Fortnite’s last massive in-game event. Specific files in patch v17.20 point toward a countdown of sorts, which could mean a cinematic ending to Chapter 2 – Season 7. We’ll have to keep an eye out for any additional leaks to this effect.

Slipstreams to Return?

HYPEX noticed in the game files that Epic adjusted Slip Streams—a fan-favorite sky transportation tunnel from Season X. These changes seem to point toward Slip Streams returning in the future. Still, there is no confirmation of that yet. If true, it would be a significant change to Season 7 and one the community would welcome.

Loot Llama & Cosmic Cheat Adjustments

Here are some minor adjustments made to Loot Llamas and Cosmic Chests per HYPEX:

  • Llamas now drop mats too slowly when u shoot them
  • Cosmic Chests now drop less Ammo, Rare Weapons & Uncommon/Epic Pump Shotgun
  • Cosmic Chests no longer drops Hand Cannons

Bug Fixes

Here is a complete list of bugs addressed in patch v17.20:


  • New items automatically equipped after being picked up.
  • Grimey outfit reactivity not working.
  • Difficulty scrolling through player list in Voice Chat tab on controller.

Battle Royale

  • Ziplines temporarily disabled. (RE-ENABLED)
  • Epic chests may sometimes not provide any weapons in arena.
  • The button for arena division tournament details is currently unresponsive on controller.
  • Hold inventory button shortcut for accessing the-crafting menu is not working.


  • Lighting Issues occurring while in replay mode.
  • Incorrect crosshair appears while using Rail Gun during gameplay in creative.
  • Player can encounter infinite loading screen when flying out of Island.

Save the World

  • The Banner Gadget deals 89 flat damage vs 89 base damage.
  • Double-check that the card appears visually-correct (that everything that should be bolded is bolded, that the line breaks are present, etc.)

That covers everything new in patch v17.20. Stay tuned to ESTNN for more Fortnite news and updates!

Feature Image: Epic Games

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