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AMD’s FSR could outpace Nvidia’s DLSS on PC, as the first PS5 game gains support


Jul 20, 2021

AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) upscaling technology finally arrived in June, and while the number of supported games currently pales in comparison to Nvidia’s established DLSS, there are signs that team red’s solution could begin to outpace its rival.

Arcadegeddon recently received a patch that simultaneously added support for AMD FSR on both PC and PlayStation 5, also making the game the first console title to receive the tech. While FSR is only supported on PC and PS5 for now, Xbox isn’t far behind as Microsoft has now baked the feature into its own Xbox Series X / S development kits.

Nvidia’s DLSS has been knocking around in some gaming PCs for over two years, but since it’s a hardware solution that requires RTX graphics cards to run, it’s a no-go for the AMD-powered consoles. FSR, on the other hand, does a similar job through software with a much lower barrier to entry. Developers should be more inclined to add the feature now that it’s available on a much larger selection of hardware, meaning we could very well see the floodgates open.

And, since updates usually drop simultaneously across multiple platforms, even PC gamers should benefit from an increased effort on console.

Far Cry 6 is the next multi-platform release to watch out for, as it’s already confirmed that it’ll feature FSR on PC. Watch this space, though, as many more are likely in the pipeline.

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