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The best Grau loadout in Warzone


Jul 19, 2021

Looking for the best Grau loadout in Warzone? The Grau has taken a small hit in both multiplayer and Warzone lobbies, but is still a viable option. Why? It’s incredibly accurate, has very high muzzle velocity, very low damage dropoff over long ranges, and is still mobile and fast enough to slay in close-quarters. It’s versatile, deadly, and easy to use.

While we would opt for either to invest in the best Krig 6 Warzone loadout or the best FARA 83 Warzone loadout instead as the best assault rifle for Warzone these days, the Grau 5.56 is a top competitor. Of the many great Warzone guns, the Grau stands out as being arguably the easiest to use in all circumstances, with better recoil and – thanks to its high muzzle velocity and low damage dropoff – decent performance over long distances. Whichever of these ARs you choose for your Warzone loadout drop, make sure you use our setups for the best results.

This Grau 5.56 Warzone setup is designed to maximise the weapon’s accuracy and ability to excel in long-range battles without lessening its effectiveness in close and medium-range engagements.

Best Grau loadout Warzone

Here is the best Grau loadout for Warzone:

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • Tempus 26.4″ Archangel
  • Commando Foregrip
  • 60 Round Mags
  • Tac Laser

This setup adds a little to your ranged effectiveness through the Monolithic Suppressor and Archangel barrel, but crucially it actually improves the weapon’s performance in close-quarters fights, too. Before the Grau’s ranged effectiveness was nerfed we opted for the Nexus barrel, but now the Archangel barrel is essential, especially as it grants some very easy to use iron sights.

Elsewhere the Monolithic Suppressor improves your long-range effectiveness, too, but also keeps you off the map. The iron sights are good enough to stand in for a reflex sight, and they offer a faster aim down sight time, too. Finally, the 60 Round Mags are essential in Warzone as they allow you to potentially down a whole squad if you land your shots.

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As for the rest of the Grau Warzone setup, we’ve opted for the Cold-Blooded and Ghost as essential perks as they’ll keep you off any radars and thermal optics, which is invaluable in Warzone. It’s up to you which third, or yellow perk you opt for but we tend to switch between Tracker or Amped. Amped is great for improving your weapon swap speed and generally helps if you push a lot. Tracker shows you footsteps, which is ideal if you’ve weakened an enemy and need to clean up the fight as soon as possible.

Your Tactical Equipment should always be the Heartbeat Sensor as it can provide vital intel in nigh-impossible situations such as when you’re trying to clear out a skyscraper. As for lethals – we tend to go for C4 as they excel at dealing initial damage when rushing enemies and can be lobbed over obstacles with ease and accuracy.

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