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Microsoft Flight Simulator is nearly 100GB on Xbox Series X|S


Jul 19, 2021

Get ready to clear your hard drive as Microsoft Flight Simulator will require nearly 100GB on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. As spotted by Twitter user Idle Sloth, Microsoft Flight Simulator will require a whopping 97.2GB of storage space on Xbox Series consoles. The image shared shows the Standard edition, which is included with an Xbox Game Pass subscription. If you already own or were thinking of purchasing the Deluxe or Premium Deluxe editions, then the simulator will likely take up even more space. Currently, you can “pre-install” Microsoft Flight Simulator, but all that downloads is a small 200MB placeholder file.Considering the simulator features pretty much the entire world, nearly 100GB doesn’t seem too much of an ask. If you’re rocking with the latest Call of Duty’s on your console, however, now might be the time to delete one and make some room. Microsoft Flight Simulator lands on July 27th for Xbox Series X|S consoles. Will you be taking to the skies in Microsoft Flight Simulator on July 27th? Let us know in the comments below!

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