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Muscle Race 3D Strategy Guide – Be the Strongest With These Hints, Tips and Cheats


Jul 18, 2021

Muscle Race 3D is all about getting massive muscles and then using them to push, swim and pedal to victory. It’s a simple enough premise, but there are plenty of things you’re going to have to consider if you want to make sure you’re crossing the finish line in first place every time.

Which is why we’ve gone ahead and written this here guide. It’s packed full of all of the hints, tips and tricks that we’ve pulled up during our time playing Muscle Race 3D. Pay attention to the strategies laid out here and you’re going to be winning every race with muscular panache. Which, as everyone knows, is the best kind of panache. 

If you’ve just started your mad gains journey, or you’ve been a muscle-wreathed maniac for a while, you’re going to find something here that’ll make you even stronger. So, here we go – these are the best hints, tips and cheats for Muscle Race 3D.

Be a bully

Don’t just get big, get cruel. When you’re bigger than one of your opponents you can knock them to the ground. They’ll drop all of their gains – which you can then grab – and fall back to their weediest size. Do this on the first part of a level and you’ll be in a great position to win.

Get as big as possible

Don’t settle for anything other than massive. Pick up dumbbells until you can’t pick up any more – you’ll be able to tell because your phone will stop vibrating when you walk over one. The bigger you are, the more likely you are to complete the challenge in between the parts of the level in one go, which will help you out immensely.

Use your time wisely

With that in mind, when you’re the first person through to the next part of the level, use your time to grab as many dumbbells as you can. You can also attack new players when they come into the area, because they’re going to be weak after completing the challenge. You’ll know there’s a newcomer when different colored weights appear.

Follow the arrows

If you’re unsure which lane you need to be moving down, look for the flashing arrow. For the most part you’ll be able to tell by the color of the item on the lane, but sometimes that isn’t the case. If in doubt, always head for the arrow.

What are the coins for?

You can spend the coins on unlocking new skins for your muscle-bound hero. They’re available from the store at the start of every level – you’ll find it on the right of the screen. You’ll also unlock skins just by playing, so there isn’t all that much point in increasing your coin haul by watching videos.

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