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7-Min Unofficial Last of Us Film ‘Stay’ Now Available on YouTube


Jul 17, 2021

A team of 40+ filmmakers and VFX artists have released a 7-min film inspired by The Last of Us, and it’s pretty incredible.Titled ‘Stay,’ the film tells the story of two survivors journeying through a ruthless world in hopes of making it to the Santa Monica Pier. We consider the film spoiler free but if you’re worried about potential spoilers, X out now.Still here? Watch the film below. Out Now! Watch Stay, an original story in The Last of Us universe. https://t.co/Lh1vM1MFQF watch it on YouTube now!Made by 40+ filmmakers, VFX artists, and fans of the game!#thelastofus #TheLastofUsPart2 #cosplay #tlou pic.twitter.com/k1qP6Kx0yy— Josh Toonen (@JT_Twits) July 14, 2021“Written and directed by Compositing Supervisor and Hollywood VFX artist, Joshua Toonen (Godzilla vs Kong, Star Wars IX: Rise of Skywalker), this film is our first photorealistic glimpse into the brutal, zombie-infested universe until the upcoming release of the official HBO TV show starring Pedro Pascal,” reads a press release. “The Infected are brought to life in bloody, skin-crawling detail by visual effects and video game industry professionals. Seven separate film locations and 100+ VFX shots flesh out the bleak, decaying atmosphere and expand upon the environmental storytelling from the game.”Over 40 international cast and crew members banded together to make Stay, which was filmed in Wisconsin during the pandemic. The press release further reveals that the team used matte paintings depicting decay and destruction to match the in-game world. Additionally, Clickers were created using models from the actual game.One of the characters, The Corpse, is an original design created by character artist Juras Rodionovas. The film also sought inspiration from concept art by Santiago Betancur.

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