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The Survival Series devs confirm new playable creatures


Jul 16, 2021

We’ll be playing as more than a sugar glider when Away: The Survival Series launches for Xbox One later this summer.In Away: The Survival Series, our little sugar glider has the unusual ability to possess other creatures after eating enough blue mushrooms. According to Breaking Walls marketing lead Taraneh Dohmer, the other creatures we’ll be able to play as include a praying mantis, a salamander, a beetle, a frog, a spider, a scorpion, and more. We’ll be setting out into the world to save our sugar glider family, and Away: The Survival Series will have a bit of a nature documentary feel, with a narrator telling you about the plants and animals you encounter as you explore. Away: The Survival Series is set to launch this year for Xbox One — will you be picking it up? Let us know in the comments!

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