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Overwatch League: Ivy From NYXL Retires


Jul 16, 2021

Seung-hyun “Ivy” Lee, flex DPS player for New York Excelsior, retires from the Overwatch League.

As the Summer Showdown is ending, New York Excelsior is bidding farewell to one of their latest picks. Seung-hyun “Ivy” Lee decided to step back from the team and retire from the Overwatch League.

Ivy started his Overwatch League career with Toronto Defiant during the 2019 Season. He then joined Philadelphia Fusion, where he helped the team secure second place in the Overwatch League 2020 Regular Season. Philadelphia Fusion ended fourth in the Grand Finals, but Ivy made his mark in the team.

With NYXL, things didn’t go as well for Ivy. The player struggled to find his place in the starting six, warming the bench more than he used to with Philadelphia Fusion. New York Excelsior managed to qualify for the Semi-Finals of the June Joust tournament but lost the Regional Knockouts of the Summer Showdown.

Ivy is now retiring from the Overwatch League, with no additional information at this time. NYXL will be heading to the Countdown Cup with three DPS players: Seung-woo “FEATH5R” Lee, Young-woo “Flora” Lim, and Gwang-won “Gwangboong” Kim.

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