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Honor confirms Magic3 series launch event for August 12


Jul 16, 2021

Yesterday a rumor started doing the rounds claiming Honor is holding a global launch event on August 12, and today the company itself has confirmed this to us through an invite.

As you can see, the invite specifically mentions the Honor Magic3 series, and it also gives us a nice close-up view of one of the upcoming phones’ cameras, pitted against the horizon. Whether or not this implies a huge camera bump remains to be seen, but we’d vote on “yes”.

No other details have been provided, but since the word “series” is used it’s clear that there won’t just be one Magic3 device, but multiple – three Magic3s, perhaps? The Honor Magic 2 was launched back in 2018, so this sequel has definitely been a long time in the making.

The global Magic3 phones should have Google services built-in from day one, and since the Magic line in general was used as a showcase of wow-factor stuff, we’re pretty excited for what’s coming. So stay tuned and we’ll let you know what’s what when August 12 comes (and before, since we’re expecting a ton of leaks as usual).

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