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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown trailer reveals Hong Kong setting and 2022 launch date


Jul 11, 2021

A new Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown video confirms the game’s setting as well as its release date. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will take place in Hong Kong, and will launch on September 22nd, 2022.”Navigate the bustling island in glorious 1:1 scale, and be absorbed by the city,” Nacon says. “Pick your path as either Street or Sharp and let your personality shine.” The trailer reveal was followed by an interview with game director Amaury Beyris and creative director Alain Jarniou, who explained that the Streets and the Sharps are the two clans of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown. “They both share the same love for luxury and competition,” Beyris and Jarniou explain, “but each of them has their own view of the world, and is ready to fight for it: both as an individual, because players will join a clan and will try to climb up the ladder within this clan, and as a group, a family trying to overthrow the other clan.”We also got a look at the range of environments we’ll be racing through, with the game’s setting confirmed as Hong Kong. “When we think of Hong Kong, we think of a big city, an urban jungle filled with skyscrapers, luxury cars, et cetera,” the devs say. “But behind all that are vast, natural landscapes — forests, mountains, marshes, beaches — many environments that fit a car racing game very well.”Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown launches on September 22nd, 2022, for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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