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Dark Souls 3 now playable at 60fps thanks to Xbox Series X|S FPS Boost


Jul 11, 2021

FromSoftware’s Dark Souls III is the next game to get the Xbox FPS Boost treatment. Xbox Series X|S owners can now play the action-RPG at a buttery-smooth 60fps. Microsoft confirmed the news last night with Xbox director of product management Jason Ronald explaining the team had to use “a brand new technique” to get Dark Souls 3 running at 60fps using FPS Boost. Unfortunately, Ronald didn’t elaborate on what the new technique actually is. The fine folk over at Digital Foundry got their hands on Dark Souls 3 running FPS Boost early, saying it delivers “nigh-on flawless performance on Xbox Series consoles.” However, the game never received any Xbox One X enhancements, meaning that Dark Souls 3 does still only run at its base 900p Xbox One resolution on Series X|S. What other games would you like to see benefit from FPS Boost? Give us your suggestions in the comments below.

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