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Conor McGregor posts stretcher photo with ominous caption after loss


Jul 11, 2021

It didn’t take long for Conor McGregor to break his silence on social media following his loss at UFC 264.

Conor McGregor posted his first Instagram post and following his loss at UFC 264 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV. The showman wasted no time reiterating his importance to the UFC whether he wins or he losses.

“You need people like me,” he wrote quoting the famous line from the mobster movie, Scarface.

The ominous post could be seen as more of McGregor’s delusional self-promotion or a proclamation from a savvy fighter and businessman. Either way, the post went viral quickly. Within a matter of hours, the post received 2.3 million likes and almost 65,000 replies.

McGregor also took to Twitter and reacted to a conversation between Justin Gaethje and a fan talking about Poirier’s claims of his gloves being grabbed. The exchange alluded to a conspiracy with the officiating of McGregor’s fights. The tweet has received almost 2, 000 likes and 566 replies.

“Where’s he goin ref?” McGregor wrote.

McGregor knows that any attention is good attention. The posts, which are sure to be the first of many, carried the energy of the fight over into social media.  It’s unlikely that he and Poirier will ever be friends after this.

What’s next for Conor McGregor?

With his loss and the injury, McGregor will likely need a significant amount of time to heal before he can determine what’s next for him in his UFC career.  While everyone wants to see McGregor regain a title, that is likely out of his reach for the foreseeable future.

The MMA world is likely more interested in another trilogy fight for McGregor, this time with Nate Diaz, instead of another Poirier fight. Having split the previous two meetings, it would make sense for McGregor also to look to close this chapter of his career.

Though it is uncertain what exactly will be next for the Notorious One, one thing is certain.  McGregor is not going anywhere, and we will likely see him in the Octagon once he heals.


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