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Guide: The Best Dogs In Video Games In July 2021


Jul 10, 2021

The Best Dogs In Video Games In July 2021 – If there is one universally held truth it’s that dogs absolutely rule. Whether it’s a Good Boy or a Good Girl, the ranks of man’s best friend are filled with four-legged heroes of all shapes and sizes. The same is true for PS4 and PS5 too – the dogs on Sony’s platform are very often Good Folk(tm) who will do whatever they can to help the player and other characters along in their journey. Without further ado then – here we go with our spoiler-free list of the best dogs in video games! Beware though – SPOILERS FOLLOW.The Best Dogs In Video Games In July 2021The Best Dogs In Video Games In July 2021:A Plague Tale: Innocence – LionSeeming to be a cross between a spaniel and some sort of hound dog, the endlessly loyal Lion is a more than competent French hunting dog for the affluent De Rune family in the superb stealth action RPG, A Plague Tale: Innocence.Always ready to continue the hunt and equally always capable of interjecting himself into conversations with his masters when they least expect it (or want it), Lion sadly meets a grisly end after he goes pursuing some unknown danger in the forest. Though tragic, Lion’s sacrifice proves how eager this loyal hound was when it came to uncovering danger and protecting his friends from that same danger. More than that, Lion’s sacrifice would serve to harden the resolve of protagonist Amicia De Rune, who would go on to face down the rat plague in a way that would change the lives of her family and friends forever. Heavy stuff.Blair Witch – BulletOne of the most fearless dogs on this whole heckin’ list, Bullet is a proud Belgian Malinois and the best buddy of mentally troubled ex-cop Ellis Lynch, who finds himself scouring the Black Hills Forest for a missing boy.More than just a handsome face, Bullet’s support keeps Ellis sane through companionship (extended periods away from Bullet cos Ellis to hallucinate horrifically and suffer from debilitating bouts of paranoia), and he can also be instructed through a number of different commands to sniff out clues, stick close to Ellis or distract whatever evil stirs in the Black Hills Forest.Loyal, always up for a treat and willing to quite literally fight the forces of evil for his beloved master, Bullet is the dog you want with you whenever supernaturally fuelled bad stuff starts to happen.Call of Duty: Ghosts – RileyThe Chuck Norris of dogs (you think I’m kidding), this Kevlar-vested and extremely powerful German Shepard is a horrendous engine of four-legged propelled destruction. Seriously, you could probably do away with using your gun at all in Call of Duty: Ghosts and just let this highly trained furry fiend do all the work for you (just make sure you have some treats back at base, otherwise things could get messy).Whether he’s disarming automatic weapon brandishing terrorists, ripping out throats of folks who look at the player sideways or taking down an attack helicopter full of bad dudes, Riley is a one dog wrecking crew with no upper limit on the level of carnage he can cause. You don’t mess with this bestest boy.Fallout 4 – DogmeatWhen the world ends, what could be better than spending your remaining few, irradiated days in the post-apocalypse than with a dog? Nothing, that’s what. A staple of the Fallout games since the early, isometric days on PC, Dogmeat has always proven to be a great companion.Originally inspired by the doggo that followed Mel Gibson’s Max Rockatansky around in Mad Max 2, Dogmeat appears most recently in Fallout 4 as an immortal German Shepherd – that’s right; Dogmeat cannot die, WHICH IS GREAT.A long-term sidekick for the player as they stalk the wastelands of Fallout 4, Dogmeat is superb at tracking down missing persons, obtaining items on request and, of course, loves the player unconditionally. While dogs are considered man’s best friend then, few would argue that having a good doggo like Dogmeat as man’s only friend after the bombs have dropped is hardly a bad situation to be in, eh?Far Cry 5 – BoomerSorry – had to get that out of my system. Anyway, Boomer, a mixed breed doggo with predominantly Australian Cattle Dog influences, is a mega useful companion to have with you as you attempt to root the evil Seed siblings out of Hope County.Almost completely fearless, Boomer can snatch weapons away from aggressive enemies, savage foes to death and alert the player as to the existence of any emerging threats.Oh and Boomer just *loves* to have fun too – if he isn’t chasing his own tail or dancing on his hind legs when idle, he’s leaning out of speeding car window with his tongue flapping in the wind. A true Good Boy and staunch Hope County rebel.Far Cry New Dawn – TimberA stray dog that wandered Hope Country and generally having a lot of fun doing so, this good little chap was nabbed by the unsavoury Highwayman and whisked away to their butcher shop to be turned into a meal. That was a mistake.Before Timber was locked away, he pretty much tore apart three of their of the number – proving that this Akita Inu was quite the challenge for his captors.Once rescued, Timber becomes a resolute and deadly companion, one who lives for licks and tasty treats as much as he does for ripping bad guy throats and alerting his friends to danger. A true and proper Good Boy.Further Reading:Terminator Resistance – Max/WolfieBarely a pup, the young German Shepherd in Terminator Resistance (depending on whether you called him Max or Wolfie) cannot really match the other hounds on this list when it comes to sheer activity, that much is true.Though many grown dogs in the Terminator Future War setting end up being used as early detection sentries for Terminator Infiltrator units (and sadly, often dying in the process), Wolfie (that’s what I called him anyway) has a different calling – namely the restoration of humanity. No pressure!As the companion of young Patrick, a wayward child in the machine apocalypse, Wolfie can be found playing with Patrick or snuggling up to him as they sleep on the couch together – helpfully reminding the youthful lad that emotion and compassion will always be what separates the human resistance from their mechanical overlords. Awww.The Last Of Us Part 2 – AliceA true loyal friend to Abby Anderson and the WLF, Alice is basically a total hero. Look, not only has she racked up an impressive number of Infected and Seraphite kills, but she has also actually saved Abby from being chewed to pieces by a Clicker, too.Throw in how she helped Lev to overcome their fear of dogs and her deep, seated love for squeaky toys and it soon becomes clear that Alice is a true role model that all video game dogs should aspire to be like.The Walking Dead: The Final Season – RosieOriginally the not-so-beloved pet of the school headmaster who left her behind with the students when the zombie apocalypse swept across the land, Rosie’s muscular frame and fearsome mug initially meant that even the usually fearless Clementine thought twice about making her acquaintance.Soon becoming great friends, Rosie quickly becomes Clementine’s guardian, warding her against all kinds of danger (both living and (un)dead), while proving herself to be acutely aware of Clementine’s deteriorating mental condition and offering comfort whenever and wherever we can.Strong, loyal, sensitive and powerful, there is perhaps no greater ally one could have in the zombie apocalypse than lovely old Rosie.Valiant Hearts: The Great War – WaltBased on the very true stories of front line doggos serving during The Great War, Walt is an affectionate and very well trained Doberman Pincher that unfailingly aids his German master as players inch their way through the misery of the First World War.A medic dog by trade, Walt is a compassionate type who does everything he can to help those who have been hurt. Additionally, his ultra-lovable nature means that soldiers on both sides find themselves enamored with him – often letting him through while his human master goes about some clandestine business.A true soldier of world’s worst conflict who is unflinchingly committed to those around him, Walt is a hound whose bravery and compassion knows no bounds.Who are your favorite doggos on PS4? Let us know your top hounds in the comments below!

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