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Deathloop’s PS5 exclusivity to last “at least” until September 2022


Jul 10, 2021

A new gameplay walkthrough for Deathloop dropped during Sony’s State of Play presentation, mentioning that Deathloop will “not be available on other consoles until at least” September 14th, 2022.That info comes from the tiny line of text at the end of the trailer above. September 14th 2022 would be exactly a year after Deathloop launched for PS5, so we could perhaps hope to see it arrive for Xbox soon after. Deathloop is Bethesda’s upcoming action game, set in the time-loop on Blackreef Island. You play as Colt, who wants to end the loop — the only problem being that everybody else wants it to continue. As if being hunted by the island’s inhabitants wasn’t already enough, Colt will also be pursued by another elite assassin, Julianna, whose only aim is to make sure the loop keeps going. Colt will be tasked with learning about the island and its inhabitants to figure out how to end the loop, while also trying to outrun everyone else on the island. So, you know, no pressure.Deathloop launches for PS5 on September 14th, and will be a PS5 exclusive until at least September 2022.

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