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Crown Trick brings Mystery Dungeon-style roguelike action to Xbox in August


Jul 10, 2021

Team17 and NExT Studios’ upcoming roguelike adventure, Crown Trick, brings “synchronous turn-based combat” to Xbox on August 31st as players attempt to escape the Nightmare Realm.After successfully launching on Steam and Nintendo Switch last year, Team17 and NExT Studios are bringing the roguelike adventures of Crown Trick to Xbox next month. We will be taken to the Nightmare Realm to guide the game’s protagonist, Elle, on a journey through procedurally generated dungeons. There is a catch, though — whenever Elle moves, so too do the realm’s creatures and traps. You can thank the synchronous turn-based mechanic for that, which makes the game feel a little like Chunsoft’s Mystery Dungeon series. You’ll need to be strategic when navigating the Nightmare Realm if you hope to survive, part of which will involve customising Elle with skills, passives, usable items and more. Crown Trick also allows you to learn ‘familiar’ skills which you earn from defeating powerful enemies, and then use on others deeper within the dungeon.Will you be diving into the Nightmare Realm when Crown Trick launches on August 31st for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One? Let us know down below!

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