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Legends Releases Next Month, Free on PS Plus


Jul 9, 2021

Hunter’s Arena: Legends will be arriving on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 next month as a console exclusive, the same day it comes out of Early Access on Steam. The game will also launch as one of August’s free PS Plus games, part of the PlayStation Plus Instant Games Collection.Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a “30 player PvP & PvE combat-based Battle Royale” but rather than a modern day setting, the game takes place in ancient East Asia during the age of the Demon Hunters. As one of those Hunters, players must battle demons and other players in a bid to be the deadliest Hunter around. As combat is through martial arts and swordplay, players must weigh up the risks of their actions or face becoming the victim themselves. Defeating Demons will reward players with loot they can use to grow stronger.The game’s three modes include Solo, Trio, and Tag Match. While Solo is a free-for-all, players are also encouraged to explore dungeons and hunt Demons to grow stronger. Meanwhile, Trio pits teams of three players against each other and will require co-ordination to pick the perfect team of Hunters. Tag Match moves away from Battle Royale and puts two players into an arena in a pure test of combat and each can choose two Hunters to create a tag team.Since Hunter’s Arena: Legends’ closed beta back in May,  there have been a few changes made to the game. The number of Hunters has increased to 17 with Momo, Dalgi, Wu Kong, Pigsy, and Sandy added to the roster. They can either specialize in close-range combat or in long-range combat meaning there’ll be at least one to suit your playstyle. There’s also a new Quickstep mode that allows players to dodge projectiles or move closer to an enemy but leaves them vulnerable to long-ranged attacks. The  map has been shrunk and the number of players reduced to 30 per match. Fast travel has been introduced too, and a new arena will be available at launch.PS4 and PS5 players will also be able to play with PC players via cross-play. Hunter’s Arena: Legends will launch on both platforms on August 3, and PlayStation Plus members will be able to download the game on either or both consoles for free as part of the Instant Games Collection.[Source: Mantisco, PlayStation Blog]

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