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Release date, Anti-Gravity Motorcycle, MG3 Gun & More


Jul 7, 2021

PUBG Mobile 1.5: Ignition will be bringing game-changing meta and will be a big jump into the future.

The PUBG Mobile 1.5 update is about to get released after successful beta testing and will be adding a ton of new features that have already been teased in the test version. The upcoming patch will be based on the theme “Ignition,” which will give the game a futuristic look by introducing a new transit system in Erangel along with an anti-gravity motorcycle, and more.

With the release of the PUBG Mobile 1.5 update, the Royale Pass Season 20 will also start, which will include new in-game items such as new Gun Skins, Character Costumes, and more.

Expected Release date and time of the update

The PUBG Mobile 1.5 update will release on July 8, 2021, whereas Season 20 Royale Pass is expected to begin on July 13. Here is when the update will be available for all devices:

  • App Store by July 8, 03:00 UTC
  • Galaxy Store by July 8, 06:00 UTC
  • Amazon Appstore by July 8, 08:00 UTC
  • Google Play by July 8, 15:30 UTC

The update might not be available for everyone at the exact time, as it takes time to roll out slowly for everyone. But by the end of July 8, almost everyone will get it in their respective app stores.

Size of PUBG Mobile 1.5 update

Looking at the game’s previous updates, the upcoming 1.5 update is expected to be around 600 MB for Android devices, whereas the iOS update is expected to be around 1.5GB.

Erangel Transit System

A PUBG character in a welder's mask holds a pistol next to a large image of a phone showing the Hyperlines addition in update 1.5.

This new transit system can be a game-changer in the Erangel map, as this system will help you travel across the islands. This might be sad news for the players who love to camp around the bridge to stop rotations of enemy teams, although you need to be a bit careful as someone might be waiting for you inside the transit system.

Air Conveyor Launcher

A PUBG character in a yellow track suit next to a large image of a phone showing the air conveyor item in update 1.5.

The Air Conveyor is a new type of machinery that can be found in the urban areas of the map. They allowing you to launch yourself into the sky for long-range transfers or sudden strikes. Moreover, you can control the direction it sends you. This can be useful to enter the zone a little late, but you also need to make sure that you land correctly, as someone might kill you before you even touch the ground.

Anti-Gravity Motorcycle

A PUBG character holds a rifle next to a large phone showing off the anti-gravity motorcycle.

This is a high-tech motorcycle that can hover above the ground and water at low altitudes by using levitation technology. With this, players won’t require boats to travel across water, and the motorcycle will also help spot enemies better because of being in the air.

Patrol and Protection Robot

Special robotic dogs can be found in a few urban areas of the map and they have the ability to scan the entire area for high-quality combat supplies after being activated.

New weapon: MG3

A PUBG character aiming a pistol next to a large image of a phone showing the MG3.

The PUBG Mobile 1.5 update will not only add a new transit system to the map, but a brand new weapon called the MG3 will also be making its way to the game too. The gun belongs to the Light Machine Gun category and will be using 7.62mm Ammo. MG3 will be available in drops only, and the unique feature about this weapon will be its flexible fire rate, which can be adjusted to fire 660 or 990 rounds per minute.

Remaining Ammo Indicator

Another new feature that the 1.5 update is bringing into the game is a new remaining ammo indicator feature, which will indicate how much ammo is remaining in the magazine by changing the color. Here’s how the colors will vary depending upon the number of ammo remaining:

  • When you have 25% ammo remaining, the number will turn yellow.
  • When you have 10% ammo remaining, the number will turn red.

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