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Ranking best assets to trade for a superstar


Jul 6, 2021

Marc Gasol, Los Angeles Lakers

Marc Gasol, Los Angeles Lakers. (Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)

The Los Angeles Lakers must put together a strong trade package to acquire a third star player.

After bowing out in the first round of the Western Conference Playoffs to the division rival Phoenix Suns, the Los Angeles Lakers fully understand they have some work to do this NBA offseason.

While everybody and their brother knows that the Lakers have two undeniable superstars on their roster in forwards LeBron James and Anthony Davis, last year’s team was exposed for having a lack of depth once those two dealt with injuries. With James clearly on the back nine of his illustrious career and Davis’ inability to be a true No. 1, the Lakers have to land a third star player.

For the Lakers to deal for that third star, let’s take a look at their most compelling trade assets.

Los Angeles Lakers: Best trade assets to acquire a third superstar


Marc Gasol

C Los Angeles Lakers

Veteran center Marc Gasol is playing on an expiring contract entering 2021-22

It’s not a lot, but it’s something. The Lakers could trade future Basketball Hall of Famer Marc Gasol to help acquire a player in his prime. Gasol has already punched his ticket to Springfield with his fantastic pro career in his adopted hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. While he did not help the Lakers win a championship last year, the 36-year-old center is an intriguing trade piece for them.

Gasol is under contract with the Lakers through 2021-22 at just under $2.7 million before hitting free agency next summer. Since he already has an NBA championship under his belt from his brief time with the Toronto Raptors, he may want to go play somewhere where he may be getting more minutes than he has with the Lakers. His veteran leadership could be a boost for a young team.

Admittedly, Gasol is a depreciating trade asset for the Lakers, and nothing more. Yes, they could keep him on the roster heading into and through next season, but Gasol is not going to be a reason why the Lakers contend for a championship next year. While he still holds some trade value, there are other pieces on the Lakers roster that would position themselves better to go get a third star.

Gasol could be traded at some point in the next year, but he is not a featured piece to land a star.

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