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Exciting New Details on inXile Entertainment Next Hit


Jul 5, 2021

As we near E3, studios begin to hype their games and we start hearing bits and pieces about games in the works. This certainly is the case for inXile Entertainment. Over the past year, we’ve seen inXile release the latest installment in their hit, turn-based RPG series, Wasteland. They’ve also been very busy with hiring and a number of juicy details have been made available in recent job listings.

Job listings have indicated that the title will be a role-playing game, so there is no question they’ll incorporate their world-class touch in that realm. The other real questions are what type of environment that game will take place in and what type of rpg will it be? For answers to the first part, perhaps some of the recent artwork by Alksandar Danilovac, the Environment Artist for inXile Entertainment can shed some light on this. The below video was made last year and seems to display a magical, steampunk world. There is even a steam-powered carriage at 46 seconds in.

More recently, the studio has started to ramp up discussion and hints about their game. Last week, Brian Fargo tweeted out “I know that teasing is cruel but I am so excited about the visuals, design and writing for our next big game. Unfortunately you won’t see what I see for quite a long time.” However, earlier today, inXile tweeted out the below in response to an Xbox tweet, potentially hinting at their next title and answering the question of what type of rpg this game will be. Now, as Brian Fargo stated, it may be a while before we see this game, but maybe some of the hype alludes to a little teaser coming next month (we can only hope!).

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