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Bucks celebrated with fans in streets after clinching Finals appearance


Jul 5, 2021

After clinching an NBA Finals appearance, the Bucks celebrated the achievement while driving through a crowd of excited fans in Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee Bucks are heading to the NBA Finals and their fans could not be happier about it.

When the team made it back home after clinching the Eastern Conference Finals against the Hawks on Saturday night, fans were there to greet them on the ground.

Players driving their cars were surrounded by a cheering crowd eager to celebrate the team’s playoff run.

The team won’t stay long in Milwaukee. They’re already flying out to Phoenix and asking fans to send them off in a similar fashion.

Bucks fans are celebrating in the streets over making the NBA Finals

The Bucks last made it to the NBA Finals in 1974, so it’s been a long wait for their fans. They lost that series 4-3 to the Celtics, so it’s been even longer since they’ve tasted a championship.

The last time they lifted the championship trophy was in 1971 with a sweep of the Bullets. Back then, they played in the Western Conference with a star player named Lew Alcindor, who hadn’t yet changed his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

So technically, Saturday’s win gave the team their first-ever Eastern Conference title.

The fans who turned up on Sunday have a couple of days to anticipate the NBA Finals, which start on Tuesday against the Suns.

If things go as planned, Giannis Antetokounmpo will be available to play in Game 1 after missing the last two games of the conference finals with a hyperextended knee.

Phoenix has its own lengthy title drought. They’ve never won the NBA Championship, falling in their previous two NBA Finals appearances.

The celebrations in either city should be immense if their team pulls it off.

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