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Sea of Thieves Flags of Friendship event is live now


Jul 4, 2021

The Flags of Friendship event is live now in Sea of Thieves, offering bonus gold, double Favour, and Bilge Rat cosmetics.Flags of Friendship runs until July 15th. According to Rare, “clearing out threats as they arise on the Sea of Thieves like active Forts and Ashen Lords will rack up Favour with the Bilge Rats. Earn enough Favour and Larinna will reward you with special Bilge Rat cosmetics.”If you see the Flags of Friendship symbol on events in the in-game menu, it means you can earn double Favour for taking on tasks while in an Alliance with other crews. Plus, you can earn extra gold — and a “special Title” — by sharing loot with other crews.Flags of Friendship runs for the next two weeks, ending on July 15th.

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