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Microsoft Flight Simulator is about to get a huge performance boost


Jul 4, 2021

Asobo Studio has rewritten parts of Microsoft Flight Simulator’s engine, giving the notoriously power-hungry game a huge performance boost. In a developer livestream ahead of Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Xbox Series X|S launch this month, Asobo Studio explained that it had rewritten parts of the simulator’s engine, and with the next update, Sim Update 5, users should see a significant boost in frame rate and reductions in both CPU and memory usage on PC. In the video embedded above, Asobo CEO Sebastian Wloch demonstrates how the simulator performs with and without the update. In the current version, when flying past Manhattan, the sim averages around 40fps, utilizing 100% of the CPU and 27GB of memory. With Sim Update 5 applied, the GPU comes into play a bit more, CPU utilisation is significantly reduced to 75%, memory usage is down to 14GB, and the sim runs at an average of 60fps. All of these improvements have been made without DirectX 12 optimisations, which are also still in the works.On consoles, Asobo Studio confirmed that Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X will run at 4K with a locked frame rate of 30fps on normal displays (for displays that support variable frame rate, that cap will be unlocked), and 1080p 30fps on Xbox Series S. Sim Update 5 launches on the same day as the Xbox Series X|S version of Microsoft Flight Simulator on July 27th.

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