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FF7 Remake Yuffie Episode’s Elements Might Return in Part 2


Jul 4, 2021

Final Fantasy VII Remake co-director Naoki Hamaguchi has told The Washington Post that elements of Episode INTERmission might return in the second part of the remake.One of the elements that Hamaguchi is interested in bringing back is the team-up moves.I am rather satisfied with this final form, in which the strategic element of the command-based battle from the original co-exists with the real-time, action-oriented battle. Additionally, with ‘Intermission,’ there’s another element introduced: combo moves where Yuffie and Sonon team up, which makes for a different feel in battle strategy. I would like to leverage these, including other elements we tried out in ‘Intermission,’ in our next story.Elsewhere in the interview, co-director Motomu Toriyama explained why the developers chose Yuffie as the star of Episode INTERmission.If this were Vincent, another optional character, he would have been sleeping in a coffin in the Shinra mansion, so we wouldn’t be able to move him around. But Yuffie was traveling the world as a materia hunter in the original. By having Yuffie infiltrate Midgar as part of her travels, she can experience the same incidents Cloud and company were experiencing, depicting the same incidents from a different perspective.Hamaguchi and Toriyama told The Washington Post that they’re doing their best to not stray from the original Final Fantasy VII while simultaneously ensuring that the remake feels fresh. The duo said that the idea is to reimagine the game and have it surpass players’ expectations.A release date for Part 2 has yet to be announced.[Source: The Washington Post]

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